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Perdana to drive Proton's goal of becoming globally competitive

At the recent launch of the new Proton Perdana, the prime minister was crystal clear on Proton’s direction – the national carmaker must transform itself to be independent of government support and quickly find its footing to penetrate the global market.   Its newly-appointed chief executive officer and his deputy spent a humbling amount of time at the launch. They detailed the company’s new philosophy, seen immediately in Proton’s new model, and promised a shift towards global mindsets, f...

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Applying the spirit of Ramadhan to boost competitiveness

In a few days, we will have surpassed the halfway mark of Ramadhan. At this point, many of us would have adjusted to a new daily routine that accommodates fasting, food preparations for sahur and iftar, as well as tarawih prayers.    For most of us, the spiritual enhancement we gain through fasting is the experience together with our family and friends and the adaptation of our daily routines becomes all the more important, as we find duty in providing a more comfortable experience f...

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Malaysia must adapt to changes in tech consumption

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has become a central agenda at the recent World Economic Forum, from its Annual Meeting in January in Davos, Switzerland, to its regional meeting in Kuala Lumpur just last week. The three industrial revolutions, in which the first started in the 1700s through the introduction of the steam engine, created global disruptions to the livelihood and business operations of the world population. Subsequent revolutions, sparked through the discovery of electricity, mas...

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Auto Sector Offers Fulfilling Career Paths

The old adage that “Success is a journey, not a destination”, is an important principle when charting our career paths. Many define success as a function of two factors – income and happiness. It is due to these factors that society has developed “standard” routes to success, seen in the pursuit of higher academic qualification, management positions or even breaking into the entrepreneurial ventures. These are perfectly valid ways of achieving success. However, it is also important that as a s...

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Perodua's successs paves the way for other local firms

The Perodua brand has been part and parcel of the lives of many Malaysians. It has filled Malaysia’s need for simple and effective transportation, with 2.7 million cars produced to date, mostly within the small car market. From the Kancil to its latest addition the Axia, those seeking for a reliable, affordable and practical option to travel have made Perodua their brand choice. Perodua has maintained its position as Malaysia’s largest market shareholder, consistently holding between 29 to 33...

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