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Cradle-to-cradle mindset key to preserving environment

The first part of this series discussed global trends pertaining to environmental agendas, and its challenges in relation to economic prioritization. As a significant portion of carbon emissions are products of transportation and related industries, it therefore becomes a moral responsibility of the automotive industry to lead eco-preservation efforts, utilizing the same technological and engineering approaches it is well known for. The vehicle life process is conventionally viewed from its fac...

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Automotive sector must play lead role in environment agenda

Malaysia is expected to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement by the year end. The agreement, signed by almost 200 countries, aims to limit global temperatures to well below two degrees Celsius through an international deal that will come into force by 2020. The issue of environmental protection standards had gone through many challenges in the last few decades. In fact, the latest summit in Paris went through a long and arduous process spanning 24 years, since the United Nations Framework Conve...

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Sales Environment Completes NAP 2014 Framework

THE turn of global events in the past year will become an interesting subject of study and forecasting in the years to come. This year, the world was rocked by the United Kingdom populace's consent to Brexit, triggering the process of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. Apart from impacts to the UK itself, the EU will lose a major contributor to its budget, as well as a precedence for more potential withdrawals from the two-decade-old regional block. Against all odds, last week the Un...

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Enhancing regional recognition for Malaysian brands

The first part of this series discussed the importance of matching actual quality to perceived quality in the minds of consumers. Despite all efforts in design and manufacturing of vehicles and its components, it is equally important to ensure efforts at the point of sales, as well as years of after sales service is given enough attention - to complete the longevity and sustainability of brands. In general, all brands have a certain “promise” attached to them. This promise may apply to a speci...

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Need for exciting sales environment to rev up sector

The Malaysian automotive industry has established a significant and robust manufacturing base, with more than 25 original equipment manufacturers and 700 parts and component manufacturers operating nationwide. As one of only a handful of nations with automotive design and manufacturing capabilities, it has created an ecosystem in which strong fundamentals in automotive processes are practised, based on quality management systems that are on par with global standards. However, the design and ma...

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