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Perodua's successs paves the way for other local firms

The Perodua brand has been part and parcel of the lives of many Malaysians. It has filled Malaysia’s need for simple and effective transportation, with 2.7 million cars produced to date, mostly within the small car market. From the Kancil to its latest addition the Axia, those seeking for a reliable, affordable and practical option to travel have made Perodua their brand choice. Perodua has maintained its position as Malaysia’s largest market shareholder, consistently holding between 29 to 33...

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Vital for automotive player to reinvent marketing

In 2004, a 19 year-old Harvard University undergraduate launched a social networking site to connect profiles of the university’s students and staff. Little did Mark Zuckerberg realize, that this simple idea would change the way the world interacts. The rest, as they say, is history. The advent of social media has made the modern consumer more informed than ever, due to the rapid dissemination of product information available at their fingertips. Vehicle purchase decisions naturally become a si...

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Motivating employees towards competitiveness

Citizens of the manufacturing sector are well accustomed to the 4Ms of manufacturing – man, machine, method, and materials. Any top corporate professional will emphasise the highest attention to man, and there is a very good reason to do so. In essence, the 4Ms were coined to ensure that careful attention is given to each element’s functionality, readiness, and availability. Machines should always work properly, are regularly maintained, and capacity is available when needed. The same goes for ...

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Proton can leverage on its strengths to move forward

Widespread media coverage was seen in Proton National Bhd's recent plea for assistance, leading to the government’s granting of a conditional soft loann, and the establishment of the special task force to monitor its transformation. This plan, to be led by Proton, aims to address structural issues and change perceptions on the brand – both at the domestic and global levels. It is important for us to move beyond Proton’s recent sales performance and look at the ways to develop a framework for g...

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Strategic partnerships offer expansion opportunities

It is easy to foresee based on current trends, that the design and production of future automobiles will generate a paradigm shift in mobility frameworks across the globe. The conventional modes of mobility may soon be replaced by autonomous vehicles, running on alternative power trains such as electric drivetrains and full cell engines. The rapid evolution of mobility will require a change in the business models and practices of car manufacturers, in adapting to continuously changing customer...

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