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The 6 Automotive Roadmaps

Following the introduction of the National Automotive Policy (NAP 2014), MITI and MARii announced six roadmaps to supplement the development of the local automotive industry. The roadmaps serve as unified guidelines for the enhancement of the entire automotive industry ecosystem.

1. Malaysia Automotive Technology Roadmap (MATR)

The MATR details out technology acquisition needs for the automotive industry, based on current and future technology trends and outlooks. It provides a streamline direction for technology acquisition by industry players and technology policy for the automotive sector.

2. Malaysia Automotive Supply Chain Development Roadmap (MASCR)

The MASCR outlines key directions to enhance quality control systems, operations, business management and enhance capability in product design and validation of part and component manufacturers.

3. Malaysia Automotive Human Capital Development Roadmap (MAHR)

The MAHR outlines the development of competent talent to fulfill needs at all levels within the industry. It directs future human capital needs and guides the enhancement of development programs for skilled local manpower in the areas of product automation, manufacturing, after sales & service, recycling and remanufacturing

4. Malaysia Automotive Remanufacturing Roadmap (MARR)

The MARR details the criteria for remanufacturing standards and best practices to be adopted by automotive players, with the aim of making Malaysia the center of automotive remanufacturing in the ASEAN region.

5. Malaysia Automotive Bumiputera Development Roadmap (MABR)

The MABR focuses on activities related to the development of technology, human capital and value chain of Bumiputera businesses within the domestic automotive industry.

6. Authorized Treatment Facilities Roadmap (ATFR)

The ATFR serves as a guideline to transform automotive after market businesses, on par with best global practices and standards.