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National policy on Industry 4.0 – the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector

National policy on Industry 4.0 – the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector


Industry4WRD is Malaysia’s response to call for digital transformation of the manufacturing sector and its related services by facilitating companies to embrace Industry 4.0 in a systematic and comprehensive manner, and be smarter and stronger driven by people, process and technology.

This Policy envisions Malaysia as a strategic partner for smart manufacturing, primary destination for high-technology industries and total solution provider for manufacturing sector and related services in the region.



“In order to grow our economy, the manufacturing sector must be the backbone of our economy, supported by other sectors such as commodities and services,” said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the launch of the National Policy on Industry 4.0.

He added, “smart manufacturing will eventually lead to the emergence of smart cities, smart grids, smart services et cetera in Malaysia. Industry4WRD can be a clear strategic direction for the nation since these technologies apply across the board.”



Industry4WRD aims to pave the way for enhanced productivity, job creation and high-skilled talent pool in the manufacturing sector, and ultimately contribute to the economic prosperity and societal well-being.



Hence, it would encourage development of innovative capacity and capability of manufacturing sector and related services to create Malaysia’s own technologies, products and services.

The national policy on Industry 4.0 was a collaborative effort between the government, industry and academia.

The Government has also developed the Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment Programme that will enable businesses to assess where they are, what are the current gaps existing in their manufacturing line and how can they move into Industry 4.0 through targeted intervention of experienced assessors.



In conjunction with the launching of the Policy, a full-day event was organised featuring the following programmes:

Forum to gain insights on Industry 4.0 from leading speakers from industry and academia;

  • Exhibition to showcase the latest Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions;
  • Advisory Services on various Government incentives, facilitation and support programmes; and
  • Pocket Talks on products, services and programmes offered by Government and exhibitors.



A total of 22 exhibitors participated to showcase their latest technologies and solutions related to Industry 4.0 such as Internet-of-Things, augmented reality, vision inspection, etc.

With the introduction of Industry4WRD, the Government believes that the Industry will remain ahead and competitive in facing the challenges brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Agility to adapt to the inevitability of Industry 4.0 will drive Malaysia’s industry forward and make Malaysia an attractive prospect for high-technology, innovative and high value-added industries in years to come.



The event was attended by more than 1,000 participants including Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, Ambassadors, senior Government officials, industry leaders, academicians and members of the public.