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National Emission Test Centre (NETC)

The National Emission Test Centre (NETC), located in Rawang, is the first full-fledged vehicle emissions testing facility in Malaysia. The centre’s facilities include real-time measurement of exhaust emission gases for passenger cars in accordance with UN Regulation 83 and 101.

The emissions lab is equipped with an Emission Chassis Dynamometer within a climatic chamber. It also features a soak room, emission & equipment room, and a control room. The centre will be operated by the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) and is open to all vehicle manufacturers in Malaysia and ASEAN.

Emissions tests are a requirement for vehicles to comply with Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) and EEV certification. The establishment of the NETC will allow for significant emissions test cost reduction and faster test cycle times, as logistical constraints due to overseas testing is eliminated.

In the future, NETC will be expanded to include motorcycles and commercial vehicles emission testing. The NETC is another testament of a successful technology transfer from Daihatsu to Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd with MAI as the partner that will operate the centre.

NETC Building

Emission Chassis Dynamometer within a climatic chamber

Emissions Lab

Control Room

Soak Room


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