Saturday, 18 November 2017
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Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing

Today's cars now use tremendous amounts of plastics as they are durable, versatile and cost effective. Dashboard, gauges, door handles, floor mats, seat belts, airbags and many other parts are all made from different types of plastics. 

Plastics are manufactured through a process called injection, where the plastic is heated and forced into a mould cavity. Some plastic parts are made by extrusion, a process where the plastic is melted and formed into a long, continuous shape. Tubings and plastics trims are manufactured through plastics extrusions. 

Rubbers are not only used to manufacture tyres, parts such as wiper blades, engine mounts, seals, hoses and belts are also made from rubber. Like plastic, it's a very durable, cost effective and flexible material that has several uses in cars. 

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