Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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CarBengkel - Mobile Apps to enhance the customer experience

Carbengkel is a booking platform that enables all car drivers to locate a list of nearest trusted workshop for breakdown, repair and/or service. With Carbengkel, users can request for a quotation or estimated cost of repair first before any repair then book an appointment to either drive to the workshop or arrange for a pickup service. The application is developed in collaboration with Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI)

Carbengkel is also a marketplace to sell or buy car accessories & spare part as well as the marketplace to buy breakdown membership package, extended warranty for your car as well and to seek professional service to inspect any vehicles before buying a second hand car. 

Carbengkel is a B2B, B2C and C2C platform that not only saves time and money for any repair or service, it also provides opportunity for drivers to earn additional income, for workshop to get additional traffic and most importantly for distributor or seller to reach out to both drivers and a network of various types of workshops. 

Carbengkel won the prestigious VISA Retail award 2015, Top 7 Finalist Alliance Bank SME Innovation Challenge 2015, Top 5 Finalist Manulife sustainability award 2015, Top 10 qualifier Echelon Thailand, Top 100 best technology startup at the ASIA Summit, Singapore and Top 45 Slush Channel News Asia Pitching competition. 

Carbengkel is available on both Android and iOS. 


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