Saturday, 27 May 2017

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  • FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION - Cyber security key for automotive industry growth
    Earlier this month the world was rocked by the WannaCry cyber worm. Many of us, for the first time, heard of the term "ransomware". Most significant, it served as an eye opener for the ever-evolving threats we face as we move into the fourth industrial revolution - a future where connectivity is at the very core of our daily lives. Today, a car processes a massive amount of data. Its electronic control unit processes fuel injection timing, engine torque and load, vehicle speed, spark plug firing, just to name a few.If we take a look at mid to high range models in the market, consumers receive even more onboard diagnostics, including tyre pressure and fuel distance, not to mention automated safety features, such as lane departure warnings and blind spot detection. Last year, 94 million cars were produced worldwide. Imagine this number growing, with each connected to the other –…
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