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Design Considerations for Metal Stamping

Stamping, also known as pressing, is a process in which metals are formed into a desired shape. Stamping includes a variety of metal forming processes such as blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. Stamping is an economical way to form metal components with a variety of characteristics including strength, durability, and wear resistance. In this […]

Design Considerations for Plastics – Here’s How Plastic Components Are Designed To Increase Manufacturability

Today, you can find plastic components in almost all subsystems of the vehicle, including the engine compartment, the interior cabin and the exterior of the vehicle. In the age of energy efficiency, engineering plastics are increasing potential to lower vehicle weights, meaning reducing fuel consumption. Plastics are also highly versatile, and possess longer lifespans. Plastics […]

Why You Must Treat Artificial Intelligence (AI) As A Very Special Technology

This article appeared in www.forbes.com on May 20, 2018 There are lots of technologies that attract our attention – and money – these days. We’re obsessed with blockchain, cryptocurrency, IOT, big data analytics, cybersecurity3-D printing and drones. We’re excited about virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. We love talking about driverless cars, ships and planes. We can’t wait […]