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The Future of Technology in the Automotive Industry

This article appeared in towardsdatascience.com on March 29. Much like cell phones are now capable of doing more than making calls, cars can do much more than drive and park. In recent years, the automotive industry has worked hand-in-hand with major technology companies in order to deliver the most advanced, safest and most comfortable vehicles […]

What is Vehicle Telematics?

This article appeared in www.extremetech.com on March 13, 2015 Telematics makes your car safer, keeps you from getting lost, summons roadside assistance at the press of a button, routes you around accidents, auto-dials 911 if you’re in the accident, and starts your EV charging at 2 a.m. when rates are cheapest. Those are a few […]

Artificial Intelligence And The Car

This article appeared in www.information-age.com on November 9, 2017 In a ‘natural’ progression, artificial intelligence technology will increasingly be integrated into modern cars. Expect that as AI makes driving easier and less stressful, removing the pain points, much of the paranoia will disappear and AI will become an integral part of everyday driving. Thanks in no […]

Data Analytics: A Prerequisite To Artificial Intelligence Mobility

This article appeared in www.deccanchronicle.com on June 30, 2018 The line between present and future is blurring in the automotive industry at the hands of a paradigm shift in vehicle technology. Self-driving and Artificially Intelligent automobiles are no longer future concepts. We are no longer envisioning the idea of safe mobility, security, environmental protection, driving […]

Why You Must Treat Artificial Intelligence (AI) As A Very Special Technology

This article appeared in www.forbes.com on May 20, 2018 There are lots of technologies that attract our attention – and money – these days. We’re obsessed with blockchain, cryptocurrency, IOT, big data analytics, cybersecurity3-D printing and drones. We’re excited about virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. We love talking about driverless cars, ships and planes. We can’t wait […]

5 Manufacturing Applications for Robotics in 2018

This article appeared in www.manufacturing.net on February 28, 2018 Manufacturers and engineers tend to have a love-hate relationship with robotics. Millennials typically favor next-gen robotics due to their efficiency and ease of use, but older generations are more skeptical about their benefits. For them, the fear of industrial automation taking over the jobs of human […]