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The Resilience of Humanity in Evolving Economies

The continent of Europe is home to the world’s leading countries with the highest automation adoption rate. Among them, Germany ranks the highest in terms of robot density, according to a 2016 report by the International Federation of Robotics. Numerous articles and reports around the world, this column included, have pointed to the rapid transition […]

Seeing opportunities in times of change

The fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 was the symbolic start that paved the way to eventual German Reunification process, that took place about a year later. The idea of reunification, championed by then chancellor Helmut Kohl, was naturally met with opposition, fearing negative economic impacts on West Germany – in fact, even […]

LIBERALISATION – Policy endurance key to economic progression

For quite some time, the Malaysian economy has taken a sharper turn towards gradual economic liberalisation. In the early part of this decade, the administration began numerous, albeit unpopular decisions that lifted the nation’s veil towards a more realistic adaptation to the global economy. While the automotive industry began its transition towards gradual liberalisation, from […]

AUTOMOTIVE POLICY – Consistency vital for industry continuity

Last week, the International Trade and Industry Minister, Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed announced the performance of the automotive industry for the year ending last year. The announcement was made in view of a holistic performance, in line with the government’s aspirations in making the sector a key driver for Malaysia’s industrialisation. The penetration of energy-efficient-vehicles […]