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Need For Exciting Sales Environment To Rev Up Sector

The Malaysian automotive industry has established a significant and robust manufacturing base, with more than 25 original equipment manufacturers and 700 parts and component manufacturers operating nationwide. As one of only a handful of nations with automotive design and manufacturing capabilities, it has created an ecosystem in which strong fundamentals in automotive processes are practiced, […]

Sales Environment Completes NAP 2014 Framework

THE turn of global events in the past year will become an interesting subject of study and forecasting in the years to come. This year, the world was rocked by the United Kingdom populace’s consent to Brexit, triggering the process of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Apart from impacts to the UK itself, […]

A Leap For The Industry, A Leap For The Nation

Last week, the government announced the Malaysian automotive industry’s leap into the future. It is an initiative that would take Malaysia into the next technological phase, spurred by Connected Mobility at the core of the industry – redefining the automotive sector as the Mobility Industry. Connected Mobility is Malaysia’s new direction in our industrialisation process. […]

Early Mover Advantage in Connected Mobility

Malaysia’s industrialisation has come a long way and been explained extensively in this column. It has admittedly been a rollercoaster journey for our industrial sector as we were working in the shadow of countries and markets that started almost a century ahead of us. As we progresses further and further, we reach that peak of […]

Continuity and Consistency of Economic Thinking

Since the National Automotive Policy 2014 (NAP2014) was announced, we saw a rapid transition in the development of the automotive industry. While it was a tall order for many at the beginning, and while we were not spared from criticism from many angles, the results spoke for itself. The first two years were perhaps the […]

Roles, Contributions in Country’s Progress

Perhaps you’ve noticed when your distant family, the ones you don’t meet as often, talk about how different you look (or weigh) when you meet them at those not-so-often family gatherings. Reunions between long-lost friends and family are such time capsules. At the point of the re-acquaintance, your previous memories of them instantly disappear, emerging […]