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Learning and mastering skills in industries

THE famous Hollywood movie, The Karate Kid, ended with the smaller, more innocent boy delivering a powerful blow to the bigger and stronger opponent, who had continously bullied him. – It was a dramatic ending to a competition where the winner was completely unknown and inexperienced. For me, the story was more about personal development. […]

Creating equal access to opportunities

The adage “the rich get richer, the poor get poorer” – typically attributed to the more sinister side of capitalism – has some truth to it. This piece is by no means an argument on the merits or demerits of capitalism, but rather a look into the ability to grab opportunities in an “equal” world. […]

Managing change key to future-proof industry

The Paris agreement signed in 2015 signified an intensified global outlook on the new environmental economy, despite a bumpy journey in the Obama-Trump transition. Regardless, a significant takeaway is a global commitment to meet its 2030 targets – and with such a commitment comes an expectation that the economy and business practices will put a […]

Manoeuvring along new regional value chain

Last week, Malaysia welcomed the delegation from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Led by Minister Miao Wei himself, I echo the sentiments of our international trade and industry minister of such a rare honour for Malaysia to receive a visit from an official of this esteem within the Chinese government. Speaking at […]

Potential trade opportunities in South America

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Darell Leiking recently concluded a trade mission to South America, with the Malaysian delegation strengthening economic ties with Chile, Argentina and Brazil. I had the great honour of accompanying the minister and MITI officials throughout the trade mission, along with senior counterparts from the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation […]

Competitiveness is developing core capabilities

The United States-China trade war that started early last year took another twist last week with new US restrictions on technology that could pose a risk to its national security, and worst affected by the ban was Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, a leading provider of technology equipment. The restrictions led to a ban on the […]

Building meaningful employer-employee relationship

There is a significant distinction between employment and employability. While the opportunities for employment are aplenty in Malaysia, it is equally important to identify the demands and requirements of the said jobs. Creating a progressive society means developing a critical mass of highly employable talent. As many seek for their dream jobs, employers too look […]

Time for reflection and self-discovery

We are fortunate to yet again celebrate the coming of another month of self-reflection. While we cleanse our bodies, free our minds and hearts from sins, and enrich our spirits with prayer and good deeds through the ritual of fasting, I’d also like to take this opportunity to share new angles, perhaps seldom discussed among […]

Time to recognise skills-based careers

Numerous reports were published about the Malaysian government’s visit to China last week, triggering numerous collaborations between local and Chinese firms, particularly in the new technology areas such as artificial intelligence, smart logistics and automotive design. One should ponder how China, once known only for the flood of cheap goods into the world’s markets, has […]