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Need For Exciting Sales Environment To Rev Up Sector

The Malaysian automotive industry has established a significant and robust manufacturing base, with more than 25 original equipment manufacturers and 700 parts and component manufacturers operating nationwide. As one of only a handful of nations with automotive design and manufacturing capabilities, it has created an ecosystem in which strong fundamentals in automotive processes are practiced, […]

Sales Environment Completes NAP 2014 Framework

THE turn of global events in the past year will become an interesting subject of study and forecasting in the years to come. This year, the world was rocked by the United Kingdom populace’s consent to Brexit, triggering the process of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Apart from impacts to the UK itself, […]

Hampir 2,000 Pengunjung Peroleh Manfaat Dalam Sektor Automotif di Hari Terbuka MAI – Sabah  

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  Hari Terbuka MAI anjuran Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), berlangsung pada 15 September 2018, bertempat di Dewan Foo Chow, Penampang, Sabah. Program ini dirasmikan oleh YB Tuan Darell Leiking, Menteri MITI. MAI adalah sebuah agensi di bawah Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri (MITI). Hari Terbuka MAI dianjurkan bagi membawa pengenalan kepada industri automotif tempatan dan […]

Filem Hari Malaysia 2018 – Malaysia Automotive Institute

Tonton filem pendek terbitan MAI sempena Hari Malaysia 2018. Saksikan hingga ke akhir! Apakah watak yang dibawa YB Tuan Darell Leiking, Menteri MITI dan Dato’ Madani Sahari di dalam video ini? Kami di MAI mengucapkan Selamat Hari Malaysia 2018!

CATIA v5 Design Training for Additive Manufacturing Workshop – Batch 3&4 Now Open For Registration!

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Attention Engineers, Designers, Technicians and students of the automotive industry! Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), through Digital Engineering and Prototyping Programme (DEP) is going to conduct a series of CATIA v5 Design for Additive Manufacturing for FREE to the local automotive suppliers and public. Limited seats available and certificates will be awarded to all participants upon […]

Valuable For The Automotive Industry: 3D Printed Car Parts

This article appeared in www.sculpteo.com on May 16, 2018 Did you know that a regular car contains over 30,000 different components and parts, all made of different shapes and materials – produced with different manufacturing methods? What parts out of those 30,000 could be produced with 3D printing? We have already informed you on how 3D […]

Apakah Maksud “Merdeka”? Tonton filem Waris Merdeka terbitan MAI.

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Apakah maksud “Merdeka”? Tonton filem Waris Merdeka terbitan MAI. Semestinya, Merdeka adalah naluri yang membakar semangat dalam setiap rakyat Malaysia walau di mana jua kita berada. Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan Kepada Rakyat Malaysia Ikhlas Dari Kami Di MAI.

Selamat menyambut Hari Kebangsaan kepada rakyat Malaysia ikhlas dari kami di MAI. #SayangiMalaysiaku

MAI AICE Graduates – Where Are They Now?

The Automotive Industry Certification Engineering (AICE) is a programme catered towards engineering graduates to jump start their careers in the industry. The syllabus of AICE is tailored for graduates to be immediately employable into the automotive industry upon graduation. The AICE programme comprises 8 months of intensive exposure to the various skill and knowledge sets […]