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Design Considerations for Metal Stamping

Stamping, also known as pressing, is a process in which metals are formed into a desired shape. Stamping includes a variety of metal forming processes such as blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. Stamping is an economical way to form metal components with a variety of characteristics including strength, durability, and wear resistance. In this […]

Technical Collaborations: Expediting Technology Transfer for Local Businesses

Various approaches are undertaken by automotive players to adapt to latest developments, offten requiring such penetration to be expedient. A commonly practiced method is Technical Assistance Agreements (TAAs) between two companies. Usually a global automotive company will be partnered to a developing company. Recently, a signing ceremony of technical assistance (TA) between Sipro Plastic Industries […]

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has Potential to Enhance Daily Lives – Dato’ Madani Sahari

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provides a big picture of how smart and connected vehicles (and similar platforms) enhance the quality of our daily lives, just like our smartphones. In current automotive global trends, we are looking at cars to be a smartphone that we can sit in. That is the approach we are going […]

MAI Augmented Reality Workshop – A First-hand Experience

The 1st and 2nd batches of the Augmented Reality (AR) Workshop were conducted on the 3-6 September, and 18-21 September respectively, in the Malaysia Automotive Institute Resource Centre, (MAIRC) Rawang, Selangor. This workshop is open to the public and it’s FREE! We spoke to participants from the first two batches to gather their experience in […]

Hari Terbuka MAI: Peluang Warga Sabah Untuk Memeriksa Kenderaan Secara PERCUMA!

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Sabtu ini, Hari Terbuka MAI akan membuka peluang kepada rakyat Sabah untuk mendalami industri automotif tempatan, dan mengenali program-program anjuran Institut Automotif Malaysia (MAI). Ia akan berlangsung pada 15 September 2018, bertempat di Dewan Foo Chow, Penampang, Sabah. Program ini bakal dirasmikan oleh YB Tuan Darell Leiking, Menteri MITI. Dengan ini, MAI akan menganjurkan program […]

Peluang Bagi Warga Sabah Ceburi Bidang Automotif (Hari Terbuka MAI – 15 Sept 2018)

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Salah satu tanggapan mengenai industri automotif adalah ianya hanya terbuka kepada sebilangan orang. Di MAI, kami sentiasa menjalankan kempen bagi merubah tanggapan ini – sebenarnya industri automotif terbuka kepada semua! Secara mudahnya, setiap satu komponen di dalam sebuah kereta (jumlahnya melebihi 5000 komponen) dibuat oleh pelbagai perusahaan, sama ada di peringkat pengeluar kereta (seperti Proton), […]

Lucky Visitor Wins Kia Picanto As Malaysia Autoshow 2018 Lucky Draw Grand Prize Winner

Velu Kumar a/l Suppan, 54, has won a brand-new Kia Picanto as the Grand Prize Winner of the lucky draw held in conjunction with the Malaysia Autoshow 2018 organised by Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI). The prize giving ceremony was held today in MAI headquarters in Cyberjaya. Mohd Sazali bin Mohamed Amin, CFO of MAI presented […]

Design Considerations for Plastics – Here’s How Plastic Components Are Designed To Increase Manufacturability

Today, you can find plastic components in almost all subsystems of the vehicle, including the engine compartment, the interior cabin and the exterior of the vehicle. In the age of energy efficiency, engineering plastics are increasing potential to lower vehicle weights, meaning reducing fuel consumption. Plastics are also highly versatile, and possess longer lifespans. Plastics […]

A Brief Intro Of DFMA – Design Should Above All Be Manufacturable

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) is a design methodology that takes into account ease of manufacture and efficiency of assembly. Through methods such as design simplification or fool-proofing (often called “Poka Yoke”), it is possible to manufacture and assemble it more efficiently, within the least amount of time possible leading to reduced cost. DFMA […]

Peserta WTP Lancar Minyak Pelincir “Cruise Engine Oil”

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Pelayaran Tyre Sdn. Bhd. melancarkan produk minyak pelincir berjenama “Cruise Engine Oil” semalam sempena ulang tahun ke-10 syarikat itu. Pelayaran Tyre Sdn. Bhd. merupakan syarikat tayar bumiputera yang terbesar di Sandakan. Majlis pelancaran dirasmikan oleh Ketua Eksekutif Institut Automotif Malaysia (MAI), Dato’ Madani Sahari. Pelayaran Tyre, yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 2008 oleh pemiliknya Mohammad bin […]