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Augmented Reality (AR) Workshop – Now Open For Registration!

Augmented Reality (AR) Workshop – Now Open For Registration!


We are organizing an Augmented Reality (AR) Workshop to the public! 

To anyone who is curious about Augmented Reality technology, grab the chance to learn the fundamental knowledge surrounding Augmented Reality. Sign up now!

Limited seats available and certificates will be awarded to all participants upon completion!

Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) is organizing a weekly Augmented Reality (AR) workshop for FREE starting September 2018 which is part of our Digital Engineering Program (DEP), that aims to develop talents in line with the fourth industrial revolution.

Augmented Reality (AR) can improve productivity across the entire automotive value chain from research and design development to manufacturing, sales & marketing and after sales.

The use of AR technology provide immersive step-by-step instructions which lead to cost reduction, time saving, improve quality through the use of less resources.


Details of the workshop are given below:

Batch 1: 3-6 September (CLOSED)

Batch 2: 18-21 September (CLOSED)

Batch 3: 24-27 September (CLOSED)

Batch 4: 1-4 October (CLOSED)

Batch 5: 8-11 October (CLOSED)

Batch 6: 15-18 October (CLOSED)

Batch 7: 22- 25 October (CLOSED)

Batch 8: 26-29 October (CLOSED)

Batch 9: 30 October-2 November

Batch 10: 7-10 November (CLOSED)

Batch 11: 12-15 November (CLOSED)

Batch 12: 26-29 November (CLOSED)

Batch 13: 2-5 December (CLOSED)

Batch 14: 17-20 December (CLOSED)


Time: 9AM – 5PM

Venue: Malaysia Automotive Institute Resource Centre, (MAIRC) Rawang, Selangor

Attire: Smart casual or formal with shoes only


Please confirm your interest by filling up the google form: https://goo.gl/b12T8V

For further inquiries: AR@mai.org.my



Photos from Augmented Reality Workshop: