MAI Digital Marketing Training Workshop – Register Now!

Anda merupakan usahawan automotif? Latihan ini untuk anda! Pelajari ilmu pemasaran digital dengan pantas dan efektif! Sertai kami di MAI Digital Marketing Training Workshop, yang mengfokuskan manfaat penggunaan Facebook dan Instagram khusus untuk produk/servis berkaitan automotif. Latihan akan diberi secara teori dan praktikal selama dua hari. Manfaat diperoleh melalui latihan ini: 1.Peluang peningkatan jualan 2.Peluang […]


Careers@MAI – We Are Hiring!

List of positions/details as below: Event Crew (3 positions available) *IMMEDIATE INTAKE Job Description MAI is looking for energetic, enthusiastic and organised individuals to be part of our events team. You need to enjoy meeting and interacting with new people and travelling to different places. Time management, common sense, and quick thinking are imperative to […]


BMW Group Malaysia And Sime Darby Auto Engineering (SDAE) Officially Open Engine Assembly Facility In Malaysia For BMW Engines.

BMW Group Malaysia and Sime Darby Auto Engineering (SDAE), a division of Sime Darby Motors opened the doors to the new SDAE Engine Assembly Facility in Kulim, Kedah, on 3rd May 2018. The ceremony was officiated by Datin K. Talagavathi, the Deputy Secretary General (Industry) of Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Equipped with […]


New Dawn Arises With Fresh Synergy For Malaysia

Malaysians have now made its decision. The time for campaigns and promises is over, and now would be the time for implementation – there is still a long way to go, many obstacles to overcome, and many issues to indulge in that require sustainable solutions. Where ever you are on the political divide, where ever […]


Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa 1439H

Fajar Ramadhan telah tiba, selembar sutera menghapus noda,sebening embun yang menyejukkan hati. Sucikan kalbu bersihkan jiwa dalam bulan yang suci Ramadhan. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa 1439H, semoga amalan kita mendapat berkat daripada Allah SWT. Related posts: Malaysia Autoshow 2017 – The Autoshow That Is Designed for All Kenali Industri Automotif di MITI Day 2018 MAI […]


Future Mobility and The Challenges in Vehicle Connectivity

In the next few decades, trends are pointing to an inevitable disruption to our mobility as new technologies, in particular autonomous driving become commercially viable. As the act of driving is taken out of the transport equation, our vehicles will change into versatile living spaces, enhancing our mobility experience. In order for autonomous driving to […]


Smart Lean Thinking in Embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lean Production System and Lean Manufacturing are some terminologies that originated from an automotive company – Toyota with their worldwide accepted and recognized Toyota Production System (TPS). This system has been successfully implemented not only in automotive but in government organization, food industry and many more. Many automotive companies have been reaping the benefit of […]


Malaysia Autoshow 2018 Membuka Tirai Dengan Visi Malaysia Bagi Mobiliti Terhubung (Connected Mobility)

SIARAN SEGERA (26th April 2018) MALAYSIA AUTOSHOW 2018 MEMBUKA TIRAI DENGAN VISI MALAYSIA BAGI MOBILITI TERHUBUNG (CONNECTED MOBILITY) 26 APRIL 2018 – MALAYSIA AUTOSHOW 2018 kembali dengan menawarkan pelbagai pengalaman dan tarikan bagi pengunjung-pengunjung, berlangsung di Tapak Ekspo Pertanian Malaysia Serdang (MAEPS), 26-29 April 2018. Kali ini, Malaysia Autoshow 2018 telah membuka tirai dengan Jerayawara […]


5 Manufacturing Applications for Robotics in 2018

This article appeared in on February 28, 2018 Manufacturers and engineers tend to have a love-hate relationship with robotics. Millennials typically favor next-gen robotics due to their efficiency and ease of use, but older generations are more skeptical about their benefits. For them, the fear of industrial automation taking over the jobs of human […]