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Anda merupakan usahawan automotif? Latihan ini untuk anda! Pelajari ilmu pemasaran digital dengan pantas dan efektif! Sertai kami di MAI Digital Marketing Training Workshop, yang mengfokuskan manfaat penggunaan Facebook dan Instagram khusus untuk produk/servis berkaitan automotif. Latihan akan diberi secara teori dan praktikal selama dua hari. Manfaat diperoleh melalui latihan ini: 1.Peluang peningkatan jualan 2.Peluang […]


Internship Placements@MAI

We are offering internship positions for those who are quick learners and passionate to fit our culture and organisation. Interested applicants, kindly submit your resume to : and Related posts: Kemahiran Yang Diperoleh Sendiri Boleh Diiktiraf Melalui IPC-PPT MAI-UniSA PhD Research Programme is now open for application! Careers@MAI – We Are Hiring!


Energy Efficient Vehicles Explained

The National Automotive Policy 2014 (NAP 2014) was announced in 2014 with the main objective of making Malaysia a regional automotive hub of EEVs, according to the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI). “The policy was announced under targeted approach that focused on Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEVs). This was to streamline the efforts of industry players, research […]


Adapting To The Volatility of The World Order

Recent news reports have pointed to the change in dynamics of the world economic order. While many democracies assert their believe that their system of governance is inseparable from the market economy, their relationship with the populated countries is somewhat principally subject to economic pragmatism, which often forces choices that lead to the greatest good […]


Malaysia Autoshow 2018 – Promo Video 1

A glimpse of some exciting activities that will be taking place at the Malaysia Autoshow 2018! More excitement awaits you on 26th-29th April at MAEPS, Serdang. Save the dates! #MalaysiaAutoshow2018 #MalaysiaAutoshow #MA2018 Related posts: MAI Auto Galleria 2018 Mendapat Sambutan Hangat Warga Utara MALAYSIA AUTOSHOW 2018 TEST DRIVE SESSIONS – What Makes Us Different? When Was The […]


Future Mobility Displays That Caught Our Eye At The Geneva Motor Show 2018

The 2018 edition of the Geneva Motor Show 2018 continued its tradition of showcasing future vehicle concepts, and latest production models on offer to the European markets. As mobility is expected to undergo a major shift in the future, here are some notable future mobility displays at this year’s show.   Rinspeed Snap Swiss based […]


Smart Lean Thinking in Embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lean Production System and Lean Manufacturing are some terminologies that originated from an automotive company – Toyota with their worldwide accepted and recognized Toyota Production System (TPS). This system has been successfully implemented not only in automotive but in government organization, food industry and many more. Many automotive companies have been reaping the benefit of […]


Launch of the National Emission Test Centre (NETC) – A Major Leap in Reducing Carbon Emissions in Vehicles

PRESS RELEASE (21st March 2018) Launch of the National Emission Test Centre (NETC) – A Major Leap in Reducing Carbon Emissions in Vehicles Today, the nation takes another step forward in the agenda of sustainable development, with the launching of the National Emission Test Centre (NETC). The NETC was launched by Deputy Minister of International […]


5 Manufacturing Applications for Robotics in 2018

This article appeared in on February 28, 2018 Manufacturers and engineers tend to have a love-hate relationship with robotics. Millennials typically favor next-gen robotics due to their efficiency and ease of use, but older generations are more skeptical about their benefits. For them, the fear of industrial automation taking over the jobs of human […]