Pemasaran Digital: Mencipta Peluang Baharu Bagi Perniagaan Automotif

Gelombang digital telah memberikan pengguna akses yang lebih luas kepada maklumat, disebarkan melalui platform digital dalam sekelip mata. Kini, peniaga juga diberi pilihan yang lebih efektif untuk menyebarkan maklumat tentang produk dan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan, berbanding kaedah-kaedah tradisional seperti iklan di media massa atau cetak. Perniagaan kini sudah mula menggunakan media sosial sebagai medium utama […]


Internship Placements@MAI

We are excited to announce that we are looking for super awesome enthusiastic interns to work with our MAI Intelligent Technology System (MITS) Division. We welcome students in any IT related courses. Able to start immediately in this August. Interested applicants, kindly submit your resume to : and Related posts: Kemahiran Yang Diperoleh […]



New Dawn Arises With Fresh Synergy For Malaysia

Malaysians have now made its decision. The time for campaigns and promises is over, and now would be the time for implementation – there is still a long way to go, many obstacles to overcome, and many issues to indulge in that require sustainable solutions. Where ever you are on the political divide, where ever […]


MITI’s New Minister Visits MAI For The First Time

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s (MITI) freshly appointed minister, Y.B. Ignatius Darell Leiking made his first official visit to Malaysia Automotive Institute’s (MAI) office in Cyberjaya. He was accompanied by MITI’s Deputy Minister, Y.B. Dr. Ong Kian Ming, who was also on his first official trip to the agency under MITI. Present were […]


How The Birth Of The Front-Wheel Drive System Revolutionised Design Within The Automotive Industry

With the launch of the new MINI line last Friday, we can see how much the Mini has evolved over the course of its 59-year journey. Now, the new line of MINI’s are equipped with engines that is able to produce more than 190bhp, compared to only possessing 55bhp during its introductory period. While also […]


Smart Lean Thinking in Embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lean Production System and Lean Manufacturing are some terminologies that originated from an automotive company – Toyota with their worldwide accepted and recognized Toyota Production System (TPS). This system has been successfully implemented not only in automotive but in government organization, food industry and many more. Many automotive companies have been reaping the benefit of […]


Malaysia Autoshow 2018 Membuka Tirai Dengan Visi Malaysia Bagi Mobiliti Terhubung (Connected Mobility)

SIARAN SEGERA (26th April 2018) MALAYSIA AUTOSHOW 2018 MEMBUKA TIRAI DENGAN VISI MALAYSIA BAGI MOBILITI TERHUBUNG (CONNECTED MOBILITY) 26 APRIL 2018 – MALAYSIA AUTOSHOW 2018 kembali dengan menawarkan pelbagai pengalaman dan tarikan bagi pengunjung-pengunjung, berlangsung di Tapak Ekspo Pertanian Malaysia Serdang (MAEPS), 26-29 April 2018. Kali ini, Malaysia Autoshow 2018 telah membuka tirai dengan Jerayawara […]


Data Analytics: A Prerequisite To Artificial Intelligence mobility

This article appeared in on June 30, 2018 The line between present and future is blurring in the automotive industry at the hands of a paradigm shift in vehicle technology. Self-driving and Artificially Intelligent automobiles are no longer future concepts. We are no longer envisioning the idea of safe mobility, security, environmental protection, driving […]